Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flat and Wooley Free Once Again... Rolling Out Tomorrow!

LayLay is at the door to greet us. I didn’t know how to react when she greeted MonRoad with open arms, after all, two dolls in the same house! Inside drinks were waiting. She even made an extra one for MonRoad. Before I knew it, LayLay was all over MonRoad about where she got her beautiful plastic lip smile. Too much TV I think. I felt like I was being left out flat! KT just stood there and said surprisingly, “this wasn’t suppose to turn out this way….”

KT and I made an exit and with our drinks, went out to wipe down the bikes.

In just a few short minutes Bouncer Duck came in to get us, quaking there’s a “mutha flater cat fight”. I took my stiff legs and ran out and there they were all over each other. All I could think of is, “They are fighting over me…OVER ME--YES!!“ I felt like a proud Flat all of a sudden. Never had two dolls fight over me.

I tried to help stop it, but...

I got wiped out by the paper hula skirt...
 KT went over to break it up. She’s known MonRoad for a couple of years now and never seen this side of her. “What the hells going on!”, KT shouts. “She’s got bigger olives than I do!“, MakLayLay said.

Bouncer Duck agreed... she does!
In seconds, I went from flat to flatter. I kept my head up though… didn’t want to look down and see my flatness so I said I had a long day and off to the card I went while the chicks made up and partied. I had nightmares of never getting blown up again…that’s just between you and me though. Remember, What happens on the Flat roads… stay on the Flat roads….

The result of too much drama after a great day of riding

MonRoad wanted to take me around OC and she wakes up early too., so we ditched out early. KT doesn’t like to get up early anyway.

Angels Stadium

The Grove

We visited the Wild Val villa.


A little romance on the bridge

We went to a concert

Wild Val in her lounge chair.  She just loved me!
In new I was in the right joint!

The turtle even checked me out

At the beach with my new buddies from Arizona

Laguna Beach with my chick of the day

Hell Yea!
Nice break

I got a warning to put my helmet on.  I tried to get away with it by being a flat...didn't work.

We got home and MonRoad called it a goodbye. After all, she is a biker chick and had roads to ride of her own. So she called Phil Throttle and off they went. Watching them ride off together got me into thinking it was time for me to take the flat road to the next stop too.

Waiving goodbye in the background. 
 I packed LayLay away in our card and asked KT to send me on… like the gypsy flat biker I am…I am ready to move on and discover the world.

I had a great time with KT and I know she had a great time with me. We both learned lessons this trip. Mine was, every chick wants me in their bra, and KT said she was wrong about LayLay and didn’t mind her after all. She actually respects her. KT realized LayLay accepted my flatness, my flat and wooley free lifestyle, and MonRoad’s road friendship… all through the love of riding the flat biker style. What could be better for a roving biker dude like me!  LayLay whispered to me later that KT thought she would be a really good ol’ lady. I don’t know about that… I still want to be a bachelor and still have visions of Wrench Wench in my flat head thanks to the VD gang. I may have to revisit KT if that issue ever comes up….

Until then,
I’m Having a Happy Flat & Wooley Free Road Trailzzzzz Trip!


  1. So glad you stopped by to visit! It was so nice meeting such a handsome dude! Stop by anytime! Next time leave the chick at home! Wild Val

  2. Flat - It was great to meet you at Cook's. I thought you were a tad forward when you jumped right in my bra. KT told me this happens all the time. Anyhow, hope to see you again on these happy trails! - Lynda W

  3. damn that flat sure gets 'round ;) lol...

  4. Bwaahahahahaha! Love it! Cat fights, rides, cops, and I really loved the flashing of those luscious twins...I love pimento colored nipples!

  5. Well flat loves his olives in all shapoes and sizes doesn't he. Val seems like a pretty cool chick-e-do. Man, what cool places he got to visit out there, I'm jealous. Oh! Oh! He finally got to meet Murray. Was afraid I was going to have to post bail when I saw the cop picture, guess he smooth talked his way out of that one.

  6. He had a good ol' time. So did I. I miss him already. Murray wanted to chew him up he liked him so much. He's on his way to the next biker and I can't wait to hear those tales.
    BTW: MonRoad says she misses him too, he's the only Flat that stayed stiff the whole time they were together :) Her rides with him will be missed...