Monday, August 1, 2011

ms m's place, wtf!

knock knock, ms m? ive arrived :D 
holy shit! dude! is this how you greet people?
dont tell ms m, i don't wanna give her ideas, but im thinking shes making me earn my keep. what is this calif cuisine shit?
pffftt, she even made me work. she keeps saying gas aint cheap.

and now look, maclaylay is wanting to go for a spin! all these biker chicks are starting to wear off on her...
oh shit, its that cinco dude again! damn what kind of crazy place is this?!?...


  1. The price of road freedom! I think he's going to get used to you soon though by the looks of that bike he's going to be traveling on... nice one!! Have fun, he's been looking forward to you!!

  2. I just gave Ms. M shit for making him work and eat California sticks 'n twigs.

    At least he got greeted by that beautiful PUSSY-cat!

  3. Flat never mined a little work, the optimum word here is "little" although there are a couple things that get him motor-vated. Food, drink and backrubs and ... best keep a close watch on that Kitty, Flat might pounce back in the night.
    Don't let him fool you. He'll try anything once and will eat anything except beets.
    Diggin the ride

  4. blogger/gmail has killed my profile in error. my pics and blog wont load til they fix it. :( sorry guys, they're working on it. mq01

  5. GEEZ! yay sorry, im back :)

  6. Seems like its hit a few... hmmmmm.......

  7. kt, yup, it really bites. i think we should form an anonymous group to attack hackers :) !!! :)