Sunday, August 14, 2011

ms m, all work and no play, this place sucks

geez, ms m, only one day off a week? and she says sundays are for me. i think she's nuts. and she's really making me work...pfffttt! (or maybe its her hell-raising sidekick cinco's doin'). so check this out... they made me go to dmv!

then i had to pick up her car from the shop. something about a dribbly rear end, dead o2 sensors & leaky brakes. hey did you know she rides just about every day? so i had her car, and i can say, this bay area traffic sucks!

then we went to this restaurant she hung out at as a kid "Dicks". (click here) something about a video?...and some talk about dedicating it to those who went to sturgis this yr?!?... im starting to think everything she says has dual meanings? ;)

then her designated driver and i had to sit by and watch while she and her girl friends got obnoxious at a SF wine bar. they passed me around and around and forgot to take pictures, damn drunk chicks! they even got the band pissed at them and went wedding crashing next door, LOL!

but hey when she's got chicks like this around, i really cant complain...

then she sent me to a leather class, again more work but at least i got to shop for cool stuff. so i brought her home a wall to wall rabbit rug and house size torino leather. aren't they huge?! i wanna see what she does with them.

and she made me cook another vegan dinner. it was good, what can i an excellent cook! and she's looking/feeling great! but i think this chick needs some meat in the house :) ummm im getting hungry, hey 

where's maclaylay?

ms m, listen we gotta talk. it sure is comfy here, i love ya and all, but im tired of this all work and no play shit. im thinkin i need to find peeps that dont work so much. call me when its drag night or bodie, til then i think i gotta roll.


  1. Awww come on now Flat, it couldn't be as bad as all that. You got passed around by a bunch of chicks, every guys dream. Hey! if I'd been perching in those hooters where you've been perching I'd be thinking "maclaylay who"

  2. Flat:

    sometimes I wished I were you, hanging out with cool people all over the country and hanging out in those warm, soft hooters. You are living the life of Riley. what I wouldn't give to trade places with you

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Maclaylay?!?!
    Are you nuts?! Look around brother!

  4. I jealous, all I get to do is ride motorcycles.

  5. Flat needs to stop complaining. He's traveling all over and seeing peeps that most of us just type too. Come on Flat! Snap Out Of It!

  6. LOL! ;) hey btw, flat send a note to wooley and has been waiting to hear back ...

  7. mq01, I sent a reply back to Flat just moments ago. Old Wooley has been up to his hair folicles in work. I think Flat has been enjoying the scenery all around him though.

  8. lol, thanks. got it, and i can relate about work, argh! i'll reach out for traveling flats next locale after what i hope to be a ride this weekend...