Thursday, September 15, 2011

travelin man

i hated having to leave bob and this crazy thing city peeps around here call a daily commute, but, had to do it. ive got a few pics to throw up, where we've been, what we've been doing, but time is moving faster than can be controlled. so, while ms m is dealing with the best of the worst of her fiscal year end processing and inventory at work, i knew it was time to be on my way.

here's the last pocket ride with ms m for now.
rolling on to the next destination, and im digging the journey!


  1. Flat Wooley Arrived VIA FED EX.
    You should have heard him cussing like a drunk sailor. Hollerin' something about the dark and the space restrictions (he was traveling inside an envelope the size of business class traveler. So I just don't understand what the heck he could of been bitchin' about.)

    Anywho...he's resting up at the moment, catching up some gossip with the iron man from the 1920's sitting on his HD while my Iron Man dude shuttles him around on top of my piano. Flat says he'll pose tomorrow. Good of him. I am charging up my camera batteries. We'll both be ready to travel tomorrow. We have to go buy a rear tire for my bike. I'll bet he'll enjoy the ride. I'll be back to update y'all soon.

  2. YAY!!!!! :) fedex? wow the US mail service is using fedex more and more...hmmm... YAY he's arrived!

    psss, wooley, be sure to get the blog setup so that chessie can share flats upcoming adventures!!! woohoo!

  3. Alright Flat, your going tire shopping and hittin the road with Chessie.

    She should have the passage already but we'll check to be sure.

  4. MQ Flat is fooling you... he loved those pockets! Now about the space restrictions...Chessie you are just going to have to show him some of that biker paradise we see pics of all the time! Another beginning!

  5. Wheres Flat? I'm getting worried Chessie has him hog tied back in the hills. May have to organize a search party soon.

  6. lol! yoohoo? flat? where are you? lol....

  7. yoohoo? flat? did you hibernate for the winter? ;) merry christmas flat.